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spring clean-up at the park

April 27, 2009

The spring clean-up of the park was well underway this weekend.  Member Jerry Schwan spent several days trimming, blowing leaves, raking, cutting, mowing, fertilizing and hauling away the mess.  It is a huge job and Jerry came prepared with all his tools.  This is the second year Jerry has taken on the task and our members will surely appreciate the beautiful job he did again this year.


meeting in Spokane fails to find solution

April 14, 2009

The parties involved in the legal issues on the MA-8 lease held a meeting in Spokane today.  Those in attendance included several land owners of the MA-8 property, the BIA attorneys, the United States Attorney, attorneys for Wapato Heritage, attorneys for the Colville Tribe, attorneys for Colville Tribal Enterprise, Colville Tribal Council members and attorneys for Mill Bay Members Association with member representation.

The purpose of the meeting was to satisfy a request made by the Federal Court Judge who is hearing the case filed by the Mill Bay Resort members.  The meeting was hosted by the U.S. Attorney in the hope that all parties could come to some general agreement that may bring everyone closer to a solution and avoid further litigation.

Unfortunately, after nearly four hours of sometimes heated discussion, there did not appear to be any progress toward finding a solution.  All sides continue to stand their ground on the legal rights they believe exist on the fate of the MA-8 property.  Many of those in attendance made it clear they do not recognize the contracts or agreements made with the members of Mill Bay Resort.  There is a clear desire by many in the Colville Tribe to remove the park and cancel prior agreements.

Sadly, it also became apparent that both the landowners and the BIA do not intend to continue operation the MA-8 golf course.  Unfortunately, without the capital investment required to maintain this important MA-8 property asset, it will disappear in the next few weeks.  Once the grass burns up in early hot spring, there is no chance of recovery and the golf course will be lost.

Clearly the outcome of the MA-8 property dispute will be directed by the courts.  The parties involved appear to be far too distant in their desires to find resolution without court intervention.   We currently are waiting for decisions on separate court actions brought by both Wapato Heritage, LLC and Mill Bay Members.

more trailers burglarized at the park

April 6, 2009

The park was hit again this last week with more trailers burglarized at the park.  Three more trailers on the Expanded side of the park were entered with damage to windows and the loss of more electronic equipment.  The Chelan County Sheriff is investigating and has obtained fingerprints and other evidence.  The Sheriff is now further increasing patrols through the park.  They have also requested that members help by identifying any vehicle entering the park with the make, model, color and license number and descriptions of any unknown people on the park property.