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September workers arrive at the park

October 6, 2008

Each year the park has benefited from the fall worker bees who arrive and join together to organize work parties followed by the daily 4:30 pm happy hour.  It has become a tradition and clearly it is fun for those who participate.

This year there was major pruning and many days of long, hard work by the following members:  Charlie Shaw, Ed Schoolcraft, Earl MInor, Thurman & Kathy Bryant, Tom Tomasek, LaVonne Grashius, Mike & Elaine Koehn, Doug Gibbs and Dick Swier.

Another project included the installation of a new light at the storage yard gate.  Those workers included:  Roger & Jan Gregory, Mike Koehn, Van Botts and Doug Gibbs.

Unfortunately one of our members, Ed Schoolcraft was injured on the pruning project from a tree limb that fell and hit his head.  He suffered a head and neck injury and went through surgery in Wenatchee.  Following surgery, he spent several days in the hospital.  I’m glad to report that he is recovering from what could have been a permanent injury and currently is back at the park with the expectation of a full recovery.  Pictures attached show Ed Schoolcraft, Doug Gibbs and Mike Koehn.

The final project of September involved extending the 3rd row campsites and giving them a facelift.  The members contributing were Doug Gibbs and Mike Hoehn.  They were assisted by a crew from Mario’s Landscaping.

The members of Mill Bay Resort owe a great deal of thanks to the September volunteers.  The park continues to get better each year thanks to those who join the September worker bees.