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Billy’s big adventure – commuting from Bellevue

June 24, 2008

Judi’s dog Billy, who I adopted from the Humane Society in late 2005 and gave to Judi as his caretaker, is now a “425-er” dog.  In 2005, Billy was awarded the  official title of “Mill Bay Resort Goose Chaser” and he has worked hard to eliminated the huge goose mess in our park.  Both Lisa and I immediately became attached to Billy the moment we adopted him, but he has been Judi’s loyal companion and he gave Judi a great deal of happiness and unconditional love.

When Judi left us, we could not bear the thought of Billy losing his wonderful life at the park so he is now sharing his time at our home in Bellevue and spending weekends at the park.  I think he loves the three hour commute riding in the back of my pickup truck as much as his time at the beach.

Billy will continue to do his job – keeping the park free of the geese.  I know he misses Judi, but he is adapting to his new life.  Lisa and I are trying to adapt also – both to losing our friend Judi and having two dogs in the house.


Al and Eunice Jones – a new life, a new place

June 17, 2008

Al & Eunice have been through a great deal of tragedy this past year.  First they lose their son Danny and next they lose Judi.  Add to that, they have struggled to continue the life they have lived for the last 20+ years – living at Mill Bay Resort.  Life was tough last winter as it was especially harsh with more snow and cold than any of us can remember.

On top of the harsh winter, there was a water leak at the park in January.  We had no choice but to turn off the water for over two months.  Al, Eunice, Judi and dog Billy all lived in cold trailers with bottled water.  It’s hard to imagine they endured those conditions, but somehow they did.

More hardship came when Eunice fell down the stairs while leaving her trailer and broke her hip.  She spent about four weeks in the hospital for hip replacement and rehabilitation.  When she returned to the trailer, she found it to be beyond difficult to navigate with her hip, hearing and vision problems.

It’s hard to imagine how they did it, but they did it.  They did what few of us could have done… they endured the conditions because they loved the park and the place they lived.

Then last Sunday everything changed.  They lost their daughter Judi and realized that life could not go on as it had in the past.

What happened next is something that makes me warm inside.  It makes me feel good about our Mill Bay Resort family. 

What happened was this:  Member Doug Gibbs stepped up and did what goes beyond what would be expected from anyone.   He did what more than you would expect from the professional firefighter that he is.  Doug Gibbs without hesitation, took Al & Eunice under his wing and made a new life for our members in need.  He did this without anyone asking him for help and without any expectation of personal gain or benefit.  He did this because he knows that you get what you give.   He did this because he is a good person.

Doug worked tirelessly everyday from early morning until late at night to help Al & Eunice bring their upside down life, right side up.  He helped them find a beautiful place to live, put their finances in order and contacted all the right people using all of his many connections.  He helped Al & Eunice find some happiness in this enormous time of grief.

Doug Gibbs is a hero and I can only hope that when my day comes, there is someone like Doug to take care of my family.  I will be forever grateful to Doug for helping Al & Eunice find a new life.  We all should be grateful that the Mill Bay Family has the special bond we share.

Thank you Doug.  You are truly a hero!

Judi (Alexander) Hamilton – 9/3/1951 – 6/14/2008

June 14, 2008

Sadly our neighbor, member and friend Judi Hamilton passed away today.  Please add your comments and memories of Judi using the comment link below.  We will miss her.

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