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no weeds, just beautiful green grass

April 25, 2008

Today I applied 1,300 lbs. of weed-and-feed to the park, so you can expect lush green grass on your next visit.  The sun is out, the wind died down and we have 5 campers staying on the regular side of the park.  It finally feels like spring.


park spring cleanup complete

April 24, 2008

Member Jerry Schwan spent 10 days doing cleanup at the park working in wind, rain, snow and (sun?).  When I arrived at the park today, he was putting the finishing touches on what I believe is the best spring cleaning we have ever had at the park.

Most members never see how bad the park is after winter.  But those who do, certainly must appreciate the amount of work it takes to get things back in shape.  Jerry, who is the hardest worker I’ve ever known, told me it was a much bigger job than he thought it would be – especially because of the wind.  Raking leaves was nearly impossible – it involver raking and then doing it again and again.

Hopefully you will have an opportunity to say thanks to Jerry.  He takes a great deal of pride in his work – and he has year-after-year had a big impact keeping our park a beautiful place for us to enjoy. 

park open for the 2008 season

April 6, 2008

The water is on, the grass is getting green and believe it or not, the sun was out this weekend.  We had three campers on the regular side of the park enjoying the start of the season.

Jerry Schwan mowed the grass and reset the anchors on the down lake dock.  The anchors are now buried and absolutely can never shift again.

The park clean up and tree pruning will be started in one week and should be completed by the 3rd week in April.  Overall the park is in good shape after the long cold and snowy winter.  But as always, there is plenty of work on the to-do list.

If you need anything, please call my cell number on the registration forms located in front of the bathhouse.  Also,  the bathhouse lock code has changed, so call me if you are going over for the new code.

Hope to see you soon!