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season comes to an end

October 31, 2007

It’s always hard to say goodbye in October, but the park is empty and the leaves are on the ground and it is time to take a break.  Fortunately we had unbelievable fall weather the last two weekends and it made the job of winterizing and closing up a little easier.

On Saturday I rented the compressor, blew out the irrigation lines, turned off the domestic water, winterized the office, bathhouse and lake pumps.  It took all day, but what a perfect day it was at the park.

I want to thank the following Expanded Members who showed up and helped out:  Bill Acomb, Frank Smith, Frank Vertrees, Russ Wheeler, Steve Todd and Matt Vertrees.  The “end of the season blow-out” has turned in to an annual event that seems to attract the same enthusiastic crowd each year.

Now I’m counting down the days to spring.   See you then!


building boxes – protecting the water pipes

October 31, 2007

Member Jerry Schwan worked hard for more than 3 days on two weekends to finish our final end-of-the-season project.  Jerry turned the clubhouse in to a workshop constructing 17 insulated boxes for the water pipes on the expanded sites.

The boxes will provide added protection to the electric heat tape and help insure against frozen pipes and expensive water leaks as we have experienced in past winters.  The construction process was very time consuming because each box required being built to a custom size.  Jerry, as always, did a great job.

2007 season almost over

October 10, 2007

The park is scheduled to close for the season on October 28th, so why not come this weekend and enjoy some beautiful fall weather.  Check out the Campbells Resort web cam for a view of the current weather conditions in Chelan.

pool volleyball – more fun at the park

October 7, 2007

Thanks to Doug Gibbs and helper Jerry Schwan, there is new fun for the members at the pool.  Doug installed a volleyball net that clearly became an instant hit with the members this weekend.  It appears that members are not quite ready to let go of summer as many showed up this weekend for fun activities in great fall weather.

Doug has been busy this last month making sure that everyone has lots of fun with all of the added entertainment he has been working on.  Your park is becoming more fun each day and the smiles prove it.