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horseshoe pit makeover

September 28, 2007

Doug Gibbs sent the following e-mail with pictures. 

To help make our park even better than it already is…. a few of our members joined together to re-establish another fun activity area.  The horseshoe pit!!  Kathy, LT and Thurman Bryant, Dick Swier and Doug Gibbs took on the blackberry bushes and overgrown shrubs, applied gravel, built a picnic watching area, repaired the boxes and added some white sand to make it ready for the real horseshoe enthusiasts!!  It is reported that new members Theresa and Van Botts will initiate the first horse shoe tournament on Memorial Day Weekend 2008.


gardening on a grand scale

September 23, 2007

Friday morning Lisa (my wife) told me that we needed a project for the weekend.  The moment she said it, I knew golf was not going to be on my weekend calendar.

The project Lisa had in mind quickly escalated when our new expanded member Gary MacDonald offered his equipment and then  it quickly turned in to a three day complete makeover of the blind corner near the storage yard.   Several members jumped in including Gary MacDonald with his dump trailer and excavator along with expanded members, Bill Acomb and Russ Wheeler.

As you can see, the results are dramatic and the dangerous blind corner is history.  It’s a nice clean look to what was an out of control mess of junipers taking over the road and lawn.

meeting minutes on web site

September 18, 2007

The minutes of our 2007 meetings are now posted on the home page of

Thank you Doug Gibbs for preparing the minutes and all board members Dick Swier, Doug Gibbs, Reid Kinne, Frank Smith, Frank Vertrees and Ron Johnson for the hard work and leadership you gave the park in 2007.

new security light at Mill Bay office

September 17, 2007

Saturday morning member Tom Clark came riding in to the park on his beautiful Harley.   On the back of his motorcycle was a new security light he purchased and donated to the park.

On Sunday, Dick Manski (Manson Maintenance) along with Jerry Schwan and several other helpers, installed the new light.  Installation  required rewiring the electrical with new wire from the circuit box to the light fixture.  Also required was the removal of the old light fixture and changing the attachments at the top of the pole.

Thanks to Tom, Dick and Jerry, we now have a much needed night light.

how full is the park?

September 13, 2007

Friday 9/14 at 3:30 pm – 5 water sites open. 

Thursday 9/13 at 7:00 pm – 8 water sites open. 

Wednesday 9/12/07 at 10:00 pm – 5 water sites open.

work on the beach

September 13, 2007

These pictures were provide by Doug Gibbs.  His e-mail reads as follows:

“In the past few days Mike and Jolee Majack have been cleaning up our beautiful beach area.  Mike also bucked up all of the driftwood and got it ready for our public camp fire site.”

campsite improvements

September 13, 2007

Here is an e-mail with pictures that I received from Doug Gibbs: 

“Charlie Shaw (our expert sod cutter)….step aside….. there are some new sheriff’s in town.  Charlie would be proud of Norm Beeler, Mike Majack, Dick Swier, Doug Gibbs & Dan Rice.  Today, they spent the whole day cutting sod and spreading gravel to sites #1, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 & 32.  Pretty soon the second row will look better than the front row.”

letter mailed to the Bureau of Indian Affairs

September 11, 2007

Frank Smith drafted a letter to the Bureau of Indian affairs on behalf of the members of Mill Bay Resort.  The letter was approved by the Mill Bay board of directors and sent as a via Certified Mail today.  The following link provides you with a copy of the letter in PDF format regarding the response to the Environmental Assessment for the planned MA-8 development:  Letter to the Bureau of Indian Affairs dated 9-11-2007 

response to MA-8 development document

September 10, 2007

Mill Bay board member and attorney, Frank Smith, is preparing a formal response to the Bureau of Indian Affairs “Development Environmental Assessment”.  The Mill Bay board of directors will review the letter and vote this week for approval to submit the association’s response to the BIA.  Once approved by the board, I will provide the contents of the letter to our members on this blog.

major cleanup at the Mill Bay office

September 10, 2007

Project supervisor Lisa Grondal (my hard working, lovely wife), directed the cleanup of the area around the office this weekend (no golf for me this weekend).  It took two days of pruning, raking and backhoe digging, to remove the overgrown trees and shrubs that had taken over the gardens and the office building.

There were also several members that jumped in including Jan Swier who climbed up the ladder and went nuts with the pruning loppers.  We had to finally take the tools away from her and tell her to come back down!

As you can see from the pictures, it turned out great.  Driving in the park, you probably won’t even remember how bad it was before Lisa jumped on this project.  But as you can see by the “before” picture, it was pretty bad.