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holiday event at the golf course and casino

August 29, 2007

It should be an interesting holiday weekend at the park and we will all need to make sure our private park stays “private”.  Check out this link:!2007/August/SunThunder/

Please be sure that all vehicles in our park have the registation tag clearly displayed and be alert for strangers in our park.  Also please keep the restroom doors closed and locked.  If someone you do not know asks you for the access code refer them to our camp host.


smoke in the valley

August 29, 2007

The fires up lake are creating smoke that comes and goes with the wind (or lack of wind).  You can get a view of the lake from the Campbell’s Resort web cam by clicking on this link:

dock anchors on the move

August 27, 2007

Thanks to the sharp eyes of Bob Fitzgarrald, a quick repair was made to the down lake dock this morning.  The recent winds have been pulling the dock and the movement sheared a bolt holding the sections together.  There were a flurry of phone calls this morning between myself, Bob, Jack Davelaar and Jerry Schwan and a new bolt was quickly installed by Bob.

Jerry and I have known that the anchors are not adequate for dock, and plans have been in place to install a new anchor system when the lake level is low enough.  Regardless of how low it gets this fall, we will add a temporary solution for the winter and a permanent solution in the spring.

member meeting & BBQ this weekend

August 27, 2007

The annual Labor Day member’s meeting will be held at 11:00 am Saturday in the clubhouse followed by a BBQ at 3 pm by the pool.  Hope to see you there!

sewer problems

August 20, 2007

Our sewer system pumps stopped working this weekend and Sunday the holding tanks overflowed by the clubhouse.  We quickly brought in Dick Manski of Manson Maintenance and Jim’s Pumping Service to stop the overflow and empty the holding tank.

The cause of the problem is both pumps are jammed.  This has happened before – the last time it was adult diapers.  The pumps are scheduled to be pulled out on Tuesday and repaired.  Until that time, campsite #2 will not be available while pumping and repairs are taking place.

Because we share the holding tank with the casino, we hold them responsible to fix the problem.   That said, they did step up and spend several thousand dollars last year to install new pumps.  I expect they will do the same this time.

busy weekend at the park

August 20, 2007

The park was completely full on Friday with all of the overflow sites occupied and one member camping in the field by the clubhouse.  On Saturday we had a few members leave and several of the overflow sites opened up.  Sunday the weather turned to rain and cold (what happened to August?) and there was a mass exodus of campers with several sites open on the water.

As always, our camp host did a great job of finding a place for every member that arrived at the park and everyone had a great time before the rain hit on Sunday.  The good news is the smoke is gone – hopefully for good.

operation activities

August 14, 2007

8/14/2007 – Tuesday

  • Telephone conversations with Manson Maintenance and Frankie regarding sewer backup.
  • Discussion with Dick Manski  regarding plans for electrical changes on expanded sites.

8/13/2007 – Monday

  • Posted payments and paid bills.  Posted membership transfer.
  • Called in repair order for clogged sewer on campsite #3 as reported by camp host.
  • Ordered bathroom tissue from Office-Depot for bathhouse.
  • Prepared financial reports and e-mailed to board for Labor Day meeting.

8/12/2007 – Sunday

  • Helped Jerry Schwan install ladder on swim dock.
  • Helped Jerry clean up yard waste dumped behind member’s campsites.
  • Fixed toilet in women’s restroom on expanded site.
  • Replenished bathroom tissue in women’s restrooms at regular side bathhouse.
  • Inventoried storage yard.
  • Located missing “slow kids”  that were hidden around the park late Saturday night.

8/11/2007 – Saturday

  • Assisted Charlie Shaw and Dick Swier reposition a sprinkler in front of campsite #11.
  • Phone call with pool maintenance company – inspected pool and added chlorine.
  • Took water meter reading and calculated daily usage.

8/10/2007 – Friday

  • Inventoried storage shed for irrigation parts.  Went to hardware store to restock needed parts.
  • Reprogrammed sprinkler controller – changed watering times.

8/6/2007 – Monday

  • Packaged up defective electric sprinkler valve and shipped to manufacturer for repair.

8/5/2007 – Sunday

  • Inventoried storage yard.
  • Fixed broken washing machine on regular side of the park.

8/4/2007 – Saturday

  • Applied 100 gallons of weed & grass killer to storage yard, park roads and garden beds.
  • Worked on broken sprinkler valve – called manufacturer for return authorization to repair electrical  short.

8/2/2007 – Thursday

  • Irrigation pumps still not operating.  Made phone calls to Jeff Webb who reported back that they were still working on the leak at the golf course.
  • Greased irrigation pump.
  • Discussion with Phil Snowdall on outsiders dumping garbage in trash bin next to the entrance.
  • Fuse blown on expanded sites – replaced

8/1/2007 – Wednesday

  • Phone call from Phil Snowdall regarding irrigation pumps not operating.  Called Jeff Webb and it was reported back that there was a broken pipe at the golf course that was being repaired
  • Posted payments, paid bills.

the fun factor

August 13, 2007

When the kids show up at the park, everyone has fun.  What a great place!

smoke in the valley

August 13, 2007

A sure sign of summer is smoke at Lake Chelan.  Every summer, fire is pretty much a given – it’s just a matter of how bad.

Currently there is a lightning caused fire burning called the Domke Fire Complex near Lucerne.  It currenly has burned about nearly 1,500 acres and has created a great deal of smoke down lake.  Because of the remote location, this fire could burn possibly 10,000 acres.

There are pictures and detailed information on the web site and  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this one doesn’t ruin the rest of the summer.

swim dock ladder installed

August 13, 2007

The swim dock by the pool now has a ladder that was installed by Jerry Schwan on Sunday afternoon.  The climb out of the water is now a whole lot easier for all of us mature adults.