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fixing leaks – (again)

July 31, 2007

Leaks in our park appear for all sorts of reasons…. some are very hard to explain and downright mysterious.  This one showed up on Saturday afternoon and required several hours of digging and head scratching.  The mystery was finally solved on Sunday afternoon.  Thank you (again) Jerry Schwan for your help!


July 31, 2007

 7/30/2007 – Monday

  • Paid bills, posted payments, made bank deposit.

7/29/2007 – Sunday

  • Continued work on water leak with Jerry Schwan.  Six hours of digging to fix the problem.

7/28/2007 – Saturday

  • Water leak was reported near the swimming pool.  Jerry Schwan helped me with digging up area around the leak.  After three hours of digging we quit for the evening and decided to wait until morning to continue.

7/26/2007 – Thursday

  • Replaced blown fuse for campsites on the expanded side of the park.
  • Worked on defective irrigation controller with Phil Snowdall

7/25/2007 – Wednesday

  • Posted payments, paid bills and entered corrected water bill.
  • Added membership transfers to accounting system and operation notebook.

7/22/2007 – Sunday

  • Inventoried storage yard.
  • Checked water meter and calculated daily usage.
  • Entered payments in books.
  • Installed No Parking signs next to tennis courts

7/21/2007 – Saturday

  • Installed new No Parking signs around clubhouse

memberships for sale go quickly

July 30, 2007

Expanded membership #1007 was only on the market for one week before a deal was made.  The word is out that we have a very special place on Lake Chelan.

This weekend we became aware of a regular membership that is now available from long time members with health problems.  If you know of someone who may be interested, please call 877-990-6700 for information.

a lot of garbage

July 24, 2007

The garbage expense for our park during the summer tops $500 to $700 each month.  Unfortunately the disposal service does not offer recycling, but there is recycling in Manson next to the Grange building and the Safeway in Chelan.  These are places where you can take your paper, plastics, metal cans and cardboard and be “green” AND help bring the cost of garbage service down.

When using the dumpsters, please break up your cardboard, crush your cans and place garbage bags in the center of the garbage bin.  Unfortunately we have had cases of umbrellas, matresses, chairs, barbecues and even BATTERY ACID placed in the dumpsters resulting in phone calls from Zippy Disposal.

If the bins are full, please don’t place garbage outside the containers….  we are charged double for this.  If possible, it would help if you could pack out your garbage and put it in your half empty containers when you get home.

Money we save will keep our dues low and allow more money to be spent making our park beautiful. 

digging Doug and Bob

July 24, 2007

Doug Gibbs and Bob Fitzjarrald spent the day “relaxing” by digging up a water leak in the irrigation system.  The leak was a broken “T” fitting in the irrigation drip system in front of site #4.  Meanwhile Phil Snowdall worked on a malfunctioning electric irrigation valve at the park entrance.  What would we do with out our volunteers?

moorage buoys

July 23, 2007

Did you know that the ring on the top of the boat moorage buoy is designed only for hooking the buoy with your pole hook?  The buoys come with a warning that you should not attach your mooring line to the ring as the buoy could fail in strong winds.  The buoy manufacturer states that the purpose of the buoy is only to float the chain and the line attached to the boat should be connected directly to the chain.

on the market and on the move

July 23, 2007

Members Bill & Paula Acomb (membership #1007 – Expanded) are making a move to site #1018 and now have their site #1007 up for sale.  If you are interested in purchasing a Expanded Membership, please call 877-990-6700 for information.

Also on the move are members Larry and Shirley Browning who are becoming Expanded Members on site #1019 that is being sold by long time members Don and Joan Pierce who are building a new home in Manson.

members win big at golf tournament

July 23, 2007

Mill Bay members Jack Davelaar and Stan Strickland took first place in the Chelan Member Guest Tournament this weekend.  My brother Bill and I had the fortune of playing with Jack and Stan on Sunday and watched as they scored a 74 (Jack) and a 72 (Stan).  With the combined total of the two day tournament they walked away with all the prizes and money.  Congratulations to the winners! 

the cost of water

July 17, 2007

Our cost for domestic water for the first 17 days of July is already at $536.  This expense is double the expected amount at this time of the year.

It has been brought to my attention that some members are connecting the domestic water to sprinklers near their campsites.  While we are anxious to eliminate the brown grass areas, the cost of using the drinking water is too high for this type of use.

If we all conserve, it will keep the water expense down and allow more money to be spent on improving the irrigation system using free lake water.  You can also help by using the water hose connected to the pipe at the clubhouse for washing boats and cars.  The water source at that location is lake water used for irrigation.  If you do use the domestic water at your campsite for washing your trailers or cars, please use a shutoff sprayer at the end of the hose.

As always, we appreciate your cooperation and help in reducing the park expenses.

parking permits

July 16, 2007

Unfortunately there has been a growing problem with non-members coming in to our park and using the beach, pool, docks and tennis court.  We usually find these uninvited outsiders parking in the area around the clubhouse, tennis courts and overflow sites. 

I’m certain our members feel as I do – we must keep our park private for members and their guests.  In that effort I have asked our camp host to require that all vehicles in our park have registration tags displayed in the front window.  Your cooperation in that effort will benefit everyone.   I also ask that you keep your eyes open for people or cars that you suspect don’t belong in our park.  If you see a possible offender, please bring it to the attention of  our camp host.

New signs will be displayed in the parking areas starting next week.  Let’s keep our private park “private”.