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Member’s BBQ

May 30, 2007

The weather could not have been better for the Memorial Day BBQ.  Thank you Linda Kinne for taking the pictures.


busy Memorial Day weekend

May 29, 2007

The park was packed, but our camp host Frankie found a spot for every member that showed up for the weekend.  We had great weather on Saturday for our member’s meeting in the clubhouse and BBQ.  Sunday brought in some big wind that continued until Monday morning, but in all, it was a great weekend for everyone.

I have been promissed some pictures of the BBQ which will be posted later (I forgot my camera).  We had a large turnout with plenty of good food to eat that was prepared by our members and board who hosted our gathering.  Thanks to the board (and their spouses) for doing all the work at the BBQ.

steps to heaven

May 29, 2007

Member Earl Minor lead a group of hard working volunteers to rebuild what was “Dude’s Landing”.  It now needs the new name “Earl’s Landing along with the other two landings Earl and the same group of volunteers build last fall.  It’s now not only easy to reach the water, it is also a beautiful walk down these steps built to perfection.

There were several members involved and hopefully Dick Swier will call me to let me know who I am leaving out.  Those members include Dick Swier, Doug Gibbs, Charlie Shaw, Bob Fitsjarrald and several others. 

the journey home for the docks

May 29, 2007

With great celebration, the docks were slowly moved with the help of Gary Sleight and his big tug boat.  It was a proud moment for our member Jerry Schwan as he slowly placed his beautiful work in place on a perfect Monday Memorial Day.  They are now anchored and waiting for you to come swim, fish and load or unload your boat for a day on the lake.  Thanks Jerry, and everyone else that helped make this happen.

dock construction nearing completion

May 29, 2007

After hundreds of hours of work,the docks were pushed back down to the lake on Saturday and Sunday waiting for the wind to quit blowing and to start their journey back home.  There were cheers and screams from the crowd “THEY FLOAT!”. 

“slow” buoys anchor construction

May 29, 2007

Construction of the anchors to hold the soon-to-be installed “slow” buoys was taking place on Sunday at the clubhouse.  There were 2 workers and 3 supervisors on site to make sure that the job was done correctly.

happy birthday Dick Swier

May 28, 2007

Dick Swier, Mill Bay Board Chairman celebrated his birthday today.  How old are you Dick?  Happy birthday! 

the dock is ready

May 28, 2007

It was a huge job but the result is absolutely perfect.  The dock on the down lake side of the park has been completely rebuilt and put back in place.  Jerry Schwan (Expanded Member) took on the project and did an absolutely perfect job rebuilding the dock with new floatation and a new deck surface.

With the new floatation, the dock will sit higher out of the water and will not be subjected to the wood rot problems of the past.  Jerry build this dock to last at least 30 years with very little maintenance.   He also installed a new stainless steel swim ladder at the end of the dock that makes it easy to get on the dock after a swim..

Not only does the new composite deck surface look and feel great, it should also help eliminate the problem of  birds from leaving a mess on the dock surface. 

I will be posting pictures that show the results of Jerry’s incredible work.  Thanks to all the members that helped make this project a success.

May 27, 2007


  • Helped Jerry with dock reconstruction
  • Attended member’s meeting at clubhouse
  • Attended member’s BBQ

May 26, 2007


  • Installed new Internet Access Point in the Clubhouse
  • Attended Mill Bay Association board meeting at the Mill Bay office.
  • Attended dinner for board members and spouses following the board meeting.