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Dock Progress

April 30, 2007

Jerry Schwan worked hard from dawn to dark for three days this weekend and is making good progress on the down lake dock.  In anticipation of installing a new deck surface, he is adding additional lumber to support the same decking as the up lake dock.  Unfortunately this has added significant time to the project, but Jerry is building the dock to last at least 27 more years with very little maintenance.   Jerry plans to continue work next weekend and complete the project within the next two weeks.


April 30, 2007


  • Installed antennas for Wi-Fi on clubhouse and regular side bathhouse – 2 hrs
  • Inventoried storage yard and took meter reading for water usage.


  • Configured and installed three repeaters for Internet Wi-Fi.  – 2 hrs.


  • Posted payments and transferred 2 memberships in Quickbooks
  • Went to Costco to look for picnic tables – not in yet.

April 24, 2007



  • Posted payments and made bank deposit
  • Went to Fry’s to purchase additional repeaters and antennas for internet access at park


  • Paid bills – posted payments
  • Worked on configuration of repeater for internet access in park


  • Repaired broken sprinkler
  • Repaired electrical for irrigation valve
  • Set irrigation timers for pads on regular side of park
  • Worked on internet router setup
  • Update storage yard – tagged new RVs.


  • Worked on wireless internet access system – 4 hrs.
  • Turned on irrigation water to park


  • Made a trip to Fry’s and purchased WiFi range extender and hi-gain antenna.  I plan to extended the range from the router in the office to cover the extended sites.

Welcome back Phil and Donna Snowdall

April 19, 2007

The Snowdall’s have returned and are in campsite #28!   They arrived today and Phil is ready to jump back on the mower tomorrow morning.  The lawn is green and has been growing fast.  Now that Phil is back, I plan to turn on the irrigation water and give the lawn more food. 

Electrical Repair

April 19, 2007

I’m pleased to report that the electrical repairs are complete.  New pedestals have been installed on the sites needing repair and site #9 now has 50 amp service.  It took 6 months longer than expected, but it’s done! 

Pool Sandblasting

April 18, 2007

This afternoon I confirmed with Everett Gahringer at Pool Refinishing Service that the pool was sandblasted successfully today.  There had been some concern about the underlying material, but it turns out the pool was built with concrete covered with plaster (built correctly)… a little hard to believe, but true.  Everett told me that there were no surprises.  I’m now in the process of scheduling John Waterbury with Waterbury’s Pool & Spa Service to prime, epoxy, acid wash and paint the pool.

April 16, 2007


  • Called Dick Manski regarding leak in water heater at expanded side bathhouse. Discussed need for 50 amp service on site #9. He is going to use our tractor to pull the old pedestal out of the ground.  Dick called back after inspecting leak – problem not the water heater – it was a plugged drain.  Problem fixed.
  • Mailed invoices for storage yard.
  • Researched options for internet coverage for expanded sites.
  • Created blog at
  • Posted payments and made bank deposit
  • Updated storage yard Excel spreadsheet

April 1st – 15th 2007

April 16, 2007

4/15/07 – 4 hours on park projects

  • Helped Jerry pull dock to staging area and pull up onto the beach
  • Checked in new rigs in storage yard.

4/14/07 – 7 hrs on park projects

  • Dug out irrigation valves for waterfront pads on sites 1-17 – installed master shutoff valve and cut out old manual valve system to prep for electric valves.
  • Helped Jerry remove 4th dock on regular side of park to be towed to staging area for installation of new floatation.

4/13/07 – 8.5 hours on park projects

  • Storage yard check – tagged RVs and registered new this week
  • Worked on removing down lake dock for new floatation with Jerry Schwan
  • Checked in members camping in regular side of park
  • Read water meter to check for leakage
  • Consulted with Everett on starting sandblasting of pool next Wednesday
  • Followed-up with Dick Manski – all electrical repairs complete except for site #4 – will complete #4 next week.


  • Follow-up e-mails on router needs for internet on expanded sites
  • Called and discussed estimate from Waterbury’s Pool & Spa Service.
  • Talked to Moe Asphalt and signed proposal for road repair: $2563 + tax
  • Called Everett @ Pool Refinishing Service regarding sand blasting pool and missing tiles
  • Approved proposal for sandblasting pool.

4/10/07 – 5.5 hours on park projects

  • Ordered fire rings
  • Posted payments
  • Posted and paid bills
  • Invoiced for storage yard, printed and mailed invoices
  • Updated storage yard Excel spreadsheet
  • Called MOE Asphalt
  • Called Millennium Cable to schedule cable service and internet access starting 4/13. Consulted with Frank Vertrees on internet service for expanded members
  • Made trip to Costco looking for picnic tables for regular sites – not available yet.
  • Updated and enhanced the campsite reservation calendar.

4/8/07 – 8 hours on park projects

  • Mowed lower park from expanded dock down to the pump house.
  • Lisa picked up downed branches on grass in front of sites 1 thru 17.
  • Installed dock signs and campsite signs
  • Applied 300 lbs of weed and feed on regular side of park – waterfront from pool down to pump house and field next to pool up to area next to golf course water meter. Applied to all pads on campsites except #24 & #25
  • Met with John regarding pool repair. Will fax bid early next week.
  • Lisa trimmed brush along the road near the tennis court. Helped with cleanup
  • Used tractor to compact garbage can
  • Inventoried storage yard and tagged new RVs in yard.

4/7/07 – 5 hours on park projects

  • Buried 4th anchor on new dock – 2 hrs.
  • Met with Everett Gahringer from Pool Refinishing Service – recommends sand blasting pool and refinishing with plaster.
  • Made trip to hardware store to buy bolts for new signs
  • Installed three signs
  • Used tractor to push back yard waste on burn pile.
  • Seven members occupying sites on regular side of the park

4/6/07 – 7 hours on park projects

  • Call Dick Manski – he had trouble on site #4 removing pedestal – will be back this weekend
  • Changed hydraulic fluid in tractor – 5 hrs.
  • Called John Waterbury on pool repair. Meeting him on Sunday at the pool.
  • Started up mower – 1 hour mowing area around club house and expanded sites.
  • Met with Dick Manski – working on repair of electrical.

4/5/07 – arrived at park Thursday evening

  • Read water meter – entered reading in Excel.


  • Called Kelly’s Iron Works regarding fire rings. Told them to cancel order. Will pick up our fire ring left for sample on Friday.
  • Reviewed bid on road repair. E-mailed result to board
  • Reviewed bid on Internet purchase of fire rings. e-mailed result to board.
  • Posted payments, paid bills, balanced checkbook and went to bank to make bank deposit.
  • Purchase supplies at Joe’s for changing hydraulic fluid in tractor.


  • Called company that sells fire rings for quote. They will e-mail shipping cost tomorrow.
  • Talked to Steve at MAP road repair in Wenatchee. They are sending quote to fix park roads.
  • Talked to Nordic Marine regarding quote on floatation for down lake docks
  • e-mailed board members regarding dock floatation expense.
  • Phone conversation with Ron Johnson regarding payment of “slow” buoys.
  • 2 hours working on operations manual – added pictures of park water system.


  • Picked up new signs from Issaquah Signs
  • Phone conversation with road repair company
  • Found company on the web that sells “slow” stencil for road. Ordered stencil and yellow paint.
  • Researched fire rings for campsites on the internet. Found source and emailed board members.

4/1/07 – worked 5 hours on park projects.

  • Buried hole where repairs were made on water leak.
  • Restriped storage yard for RV parking.
  • Chainsaw cut and removed part of the downed tree
  • Spread gravel outside storage yard
  • Buried anchor on new dock (#3 of 4).
  • Updated operations manual – 1 hour
  • Sent e-mail to board members with March activity log
  • Posted bills from weekend in QuickBooks

March 2007

April 16, 2007


3/31/07 – worked 7 hour on park projects

  • Made plan with Jerry Schwan on new floatation on down lake dock. Jerry quoted $2,000 labor.
  • Worked on irrigation pump
  • Turned on water to park – found leak behind site #4 on old green pipe in field. Using the backhoe, dug up and removed leaking pipe and installed slip joint to repair 2″ pipe. Jerry Schwan helped with project.
  • Rented pump and pumped out pool. Pulled out tarp from bottom of pool and put in storage
  • Greeted two members camping for the weekend.

3/30/07 – worked 9 hours on park projects

  • Tagged all RV’s in storage yard
  • Marked road with paint where pothole repairs are needed. Talked to Sherman @ MAP Seal Coating in Wenatchee. He will come to park next week and give estimate of cost to repair.
  • Called Dick Manski regarding electrical repair. He assured me he will install new electrical pedestals next week.
  • Dug holes for dock anchors on expanded members dock – buried the anchors to prevent injury to someone jumping in the water off the dock.
  • Met with Mario’s clean up crew.
  • Used tractor to clean up yard waste area.
  • Read water meter – checked for leaks.


  • Talked to John Waterbury regarding pool repair. He will stop by today to take a look and give me a call
  • Called Jerry with Pump Tech in Wenatchee regarding irrigation pump. He suggested checking pump rotation and calling if still having problem.
  • 3 hours working on Operation Manual
  • e-mailed 2007 member list to Jeff Webb as he requested for BIA accounting requirements.
  • Met with Steve at Issaquah Signs and ordered park signs for docks, campsites, camp host and yard waste only.

3/27/07 –

  • Created new 2007 storage ID tags – made trip to Office-Depot to purchase supplies for tags
  • called left message for pool refurbishing with John Waterbury
  • Called Zippy disposal to schedule delivery of containers for 2007 season
  • Ordered new signs for park from Issaquah Signs for campsite location, camp host and docks
  • Called Mario and hired to remove large tree next to bathhouse on regular side of park. Quote $50 to drop to ground
  • Transferred membership for Tom & Margie Thompson in QuickBooks and posted misc. payments. Made deposit at bank.

3/23/07 – Weekend

  • Left message for Dick Manski regarding electrical repair
  • Purchased Casaron, Roundup and Weed and Feed from Wilber-Ellis in Chelan.
  • Applied 100 lbs of Casaron on gravel in campsites / parking areas and storage yard.
  • Meeting with Mario to clean up park – hired $3,000 includes $700 for juniper pruning across from storage yard
  • Repaired entrance gate and replaced floodlights – made trip to Manson and Chelan – help from Frank Smith and Russ Wheeler
  • Inventoried storage yard and billed members for annual storage dues
  • Replaced storage yard registration forms
  • Replaced camper registration forms
  • Pruned fallen tree
  • Cleaned up yard waste area with tractor
  • Changed oil and filter in tractor (62 hours on meter)
  • Scanned all membership transfers into OneNote Notebook named Association Documents
  • Turned on water to bathhouse and changed lock combinations

3/16/07 – Weekend – First trip to park for the season

  • Fixed two small water leaks
  • Removed two large trees lost in windstorm
  • Applied 50 lbs of Casaron to parking areas and road shoulders
  • Updated web site
  • Sent e-mail to board members regarding condition of park
  • Used tractor to clean up yard waste dump area.